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Eren from Attack on Titan

Since I did Mikasa, I thought I do one of Eren too.

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Mikasa from Attack on Titan

Had the urge to paint her, she is too cool in the anime.

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Snowy Petals

Something random from my sketchbook. Done with gauche and pencil

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Havent been active with personal works lately. Did this for some exhibition thing where I had to draw something random about me.

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Life Drawings

A couple of life drawings i did during my semester. Done with charcoal pencil B and white pencil on tone paper

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Zombie Portrait Sculpture 

Done in Figure Modeling class where we were free to do any portrait we wanted. At that time I was watching the Walking Dead series so it was tons of fun doing this. XD

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Perspective Studies

It’s been awhile since i posted up anything so here are some of the works I had been doing during my semester at my university

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random drawings in my sketchbook

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Some life drawings I did when I went visiting the Bird Park and Lake Gardens,Malaysia

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concept sketch with marker.