Hey everyone!

I am now open for commissions! XD
I will start accepting commissions for this month since i am having my sem break now. This is also my first time doing commissions and i am really excited about it lol! oh and since it is christmas coming soon, i will charge slightly cheaper than the usual pricing. i feel it will make great gifts for your loved ones :)

Here are some of the prices for each category i will be doing:

SKETCHES ( monotone colors ) | Number of slots left : 3

Portrait/ bust : USD 10 per head My Deer 

Half body: USD 15 per head Megurina Luka

Full body: USD 20 per head  WIP Seduction

DIGITAL COLOUR | Number of slots left : 4

Portrait/bust : USD 16 per head Green Eyes
Half body : USD 25 per head Medusa

Full body : USD 30 per head character design1 but with colour ofcos XD

Additional info: since i will only have this month to do commissions,so i have limited number of slots per person. So it is a first come first serve basis.
and please, no HENTAI stuff okays people :) let’s keep the joyful, pure spirit going LOL!

If your interested please send me the order form (below) via email:  jaslynn.tham@gmail.com


Name :
Email :
Commission type : 
Description : 
References : (Please include at least one picture reference, more will be asked if needed)
Total Payment :

|| Terms and Conditions 

1. Full payment must be made after we have confirmed your order.
2. The artist will only start work after full payment is complete.
3. Artist reserves the right to interpret and modify the art style to suit the commission, unless the commissioner has a detailed description regarding how they want it to be. 
4. We reserve the rights to use the commissions for promotional purposes, unless requested by commissioner.
5. We reserve the rights to use the commissions for our personal portfolio, unless requested by commissioner.
6. Commissions are to be used strictly for commissioner’s personal purposes only. 
7. We only accept Paypal.
8. Your order will be forfeited if the full payment is not sent within one week upon receiving our note.
9. As our artists have limited number of slots per person, the commissions will be in first come first serve basis. Commissioners may request a waiting slot, and we will notify you when there is an opening.
10. Once the order has been made, there will be no cancellation. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.
11. Artworks will be sent in the original resolution (300dpi), in JPEG format. Soft copy only.

Upon payment, you signify that you have agreed to the terms and conditions above.

So quickly get your references and ideas u want me to do and sent to me asap yeah! and May everyone of you have a blessed christmas this year!
Thank you!